Starting point

In consultation with all involved parties we clearly define the coaching request. The purpose of this meeting is to align everyone’s goals, expectations and commitment.

Specifically, this means mapping the current situation, describing the desired changes and explaining the commitment of all involved.

Furthermore, we will describe the content and set the practical arrangements of the coaching sessions such as location, frequency, duration of the talks and the evaluation timing.

Coaching journey

The starting point is an actual situation. Coaching sets learning in motion and provides new perspectives. This creates a dynamic that encourages change. During the entire journey we strengthen both these new insights as well as the skills that are required to achieve the agreed goals. We believe that the time between 2 sessions must be sufficient in order to allow for the new insights to be implemented. The experience of the implementation serves as basis for the next coaching session. Coaching is always customised.


During the mid-term or final evaluation, all involved parties - client, coachee, coach - are back together to evaluate to what extent the partial or final goal has been reached.