Personal leadership

  • You are able to specifically define your ambitions and desires

  • You determine what you need to function properly

  • You take responsibility for your choices and act accordingly to your ambitions

  • You make the right call to achieve your goals

  • You get a clear view of your talents and you know which skills you want to develop further

  • You get satisfaction and pleasure from your work which has a positive impact on your surroundings

To lead

  • You communicate and formulate the goals clearly

  • You succeed in motivating your employees

  • You give feedback in a way that stimulates your teams to happily contribute to the work

  • You inspire your teams and encourage them to think with you

  • You have an eye for the talents and ambitions of your employees

  • You successfully manage to truly hear what your employees say


  • You know how to listen so that people really feel your interest

  • You pick clear and thoughtful words to express what you want to say, so that your message is clearly understood

  • You do not hesitate to praise or confront

  • You are proficient in constructively dealing with resistance and conflict
  • You create an open and trustworthy environment where there is room for different opinions and ideas.